Adult Recreational Track Classes

Recreational classes offer a great opportunity to experience this unique art form in a fun and supportive setting.  Participants will learn basic technique, history and etiquette but classes are hands on providing a physical and mental workout as we weave traditional and modern rhythms into dynamic music of celebration. 

Due to the pandemic, we are not currently offering workshops or class series for new members.  We hope to begin offering workshops and classes from March, 2022.

All students start with our 2.5 hr. Introductory Taiko Intensive Workshop which is offered four times annually. From this point, qualified individuals who wish to train with Taiko Charleston join our Basic Introductory Intensive Series or our Daytime Gentle Series.  

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  Introductory Workshop  

Don’t have time to commit to a weekly class but would LOVE to try this out and see what it’s about?  Come join the party in this fun and engaging 2.5 hour workshop.  Learn a bit about the origins of this art form and then learn a song based on core elements that define Taiko – it’s an exhilarating experience and one you won’t forget!  Workshops held seasonally in January, April, June and September.

* Students must be able to engage in rigorous activity

This Introductory workshop can be taken as a stand-alone experience or

as a pre-requisite to join our Basic Introductory Taiko Series. 

Taiko Charleston Recreational Track Classes

9 Week Basic Introductory Series on Wednesdays from 6:15-7:15 pm   $135

12 Week RecMixed Series on Mondays from 6:15-7:30 pm   $180

10 Week Daytime Series on Mondays 

from 2-3 pm   $150

Friday Morning Student Led Rehearsal Series 9-10:30 am   $70

* For ongoing students who are currently enrolled in another class

We have tentative plans for a March, 2020 workshop and will keep you updated! 

Pre-registration is required as equipment is limited and the workshops are popular.

Fees:  $35 

OR Credit Card payments taken by phone to pre-register and reserve a drum

Or email us for our mailing address for payment by check