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Taiko Charleston offers a range of instruction for beginners to performing members.  As with martial arts training, classes are marked by discipline, intensity, respect for tradition and commitment to excellence.  Those qualities serve as our foundation from which to experience the unique power and exhilaration that drumming in a Taiko ensemble offers.

Taiko Charleston: Recreational and Performing Track

The Recreational Track is designed for individuals attracted to the physical, cultural, and musical aspects that exemplify Taiko drumming but do not demand the level of commitment and physical fitness required with other classes with Taiko Charleston.  

The Performing Track is open to qualified individuals seeking a rigorous training program that prepares them for performance.  Auditions are held on a rolling basis for Taiko Charleston students with at least 1.5 years of training. 

All students start with our 2.5 hr. Introductory Taiko Intensive Workshop which is offered four times annually. From this point, qualified individuals who wish to train with Taiko Charleston join our Basic Introductory Intensive Series or our Daytime Gentle Series.  

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2019 Class Suehiro Wide
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Start with a Workshop!

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 Introductory Workshop  

Don’t have time to commit to a weekly class but would LOVE to try this out and see what it’s about?  Come join the party in this fun and engaging 2.5 hour workshop.  Learn a bit about the origins of this art form and then learn a song based on core elements that define Taiko – it’s an exhilarating experience and one you won’t forget!  Workshops held seasonally in January, April, June and September.

This Introductory workshop can be taken as a stand-alone experience or

as a pre-requisite to join our Basic Introductory Taiko Series. 

Our next workshop is on April 20th from 12-2:30 pm   Fees: $35

Pre-registration is required as equipment is limited and the workshops are popular.

Eventbrite registration available or credit Card payments can be taken by phone to pre-register and reserve a drum: #843.345.7359

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Basic Introductory Series

These Introductory classes are offered in 8-10 week sessions and all equipment is provided.  The completion of one session will give a great overview of what Taiko is about and a powerful sense of satisfaction.   For continuing students, the framework is designed so that participants can repeat the class and work to solidify different skill levels as they progress.

10 week Basic Introductory Series. $150

Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:15 pm (Starts in April)

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Community Drumming

The Community Drumming Weekly Gathering  is a great way to get energized and enrich your body, mind and spirit in a supportive community class while participating in this culturally rich art form.  This program is geared toward senior citizens.

Gentle Community Drumming: Wednesdays 5-6 pm 8 weeks     $120

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